I’m pleased to report that this week’s training for Race For Life video doesn’t come from the café this week ….. instead, from the mean streets of Medway.


So … how did I manage to finally get my booty of the sofa and go running?

Couple of things happened this week that spurred me on. Firstly, I had a really, really brilliant week. Not without its usual challenges mind you, but I’ve been feeling gooooood. Attended Blogcamp in London – a chance to hook up with fellow bloggers, learn more about creating a successful blog and eat cake. Then, I went to the Katy B gig at Koko, Camden, to review for the website I write for, Dropout UK.

Awwwww yeah!

So, I was on a high this week already and theeeeeeeeeeen, a lady I’ve become friends with on Twitter sponsored me for Race For Life! This really took me by surprise because we haven’t actually met. We ‘connected’ immediately online but I always wonder whether friendships online can translate in the ‘real world.’

Seems they can.  I was chuffed, to say the least.

I could have chosen to not run … but I gave myself a good talking to, I was in a ‘good’ place and I was happy to put my trainers on and run like the wind!!!*

Just call me WitWitWoo Gump 🙂

*more like a slow jog


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2 replies on “Race For Life: Training Resumes”

  1. Ahhhh thanks for the shout out! Glad to be of help! Well done you, hope your foot has stopped hurting now! xx

    1. Ah, you’re welcome! That one was … especially for youuuuuuu …… As for the foot, it’s just an occasional stabby thing – Lord knows what’s wrong, but it goes soon enough 🙂 x

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