So … my running update this week comes to you via … my favourite café.  Yup, suffice to say, training last week didn’t go well.  As in, I ran once … and that was back to my car before the Traffic Warden got there.

This is known in the business as an ERF … an Epic Running Fail. 

My excuses have ranged from *having* to blog, (for the record, I never have to blog – it’s my blog … my choice,) to my boobs hurting, (ladies – you know this one, right?!) to needing to read some Jane Austen to get me some cul-cha.

It seems, this week at least, … I am THE QUEEN OF EXCUSES!

I hate this about myself because I know that I can do this!   For video evidence, check this!   SEE!  I know that I once I really put my mind to it, I’m ALL about the running.  But … I need to keep focused.

(takes a quick meditation break …. “Ommmmmmmm ….”)

OK, 3, 2, 1 … and I’m back in the room.

I need a plan.  A good plan.  Preferably involving running and not M&S scones!

So, this is where I turn to you … people of that there Internet.

Can anyone find a shred of motivation they can lend me this week?

A kick up the arse you can send in my direction?

Recommendations of music that I just won’t be able to sit still to?

Reminders of chores that I’d have to do if I stayed at home?

Calorie cutbacks that don’t involve giving up cake?

So .. no pressure then Readers … but if I don’t get my considerably sized arse off the sofa this week, it’s all your fault.



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2 replies on “Race For Cake”

  1. I make my husband kick me out the door, I write it on the calendar, I set my phone alarm to remind me. For the last two weeks I have made excuses. Now I accept that there will be crap weeks but that’s ok, just not an excuse to give up completely. I feel amazing when i have done it and am a billion times happier. First run today since my big one two weeks ago.
    Next run is Fri am. Feel free to tweet me and check on me. When is yours and I will tweet you if you like 😉 ?

    1. Ah, see, now … my OH works away so he can’t kick me out the door. But you’re right though .. I should set reminders and, let’s face it, just DO IT! Don’t know what’s wrong with me right now. I had a little boost though that’s going to help … one shall be sharing this on t’blog soon 🙂 I shall check on you if you like … hopefully the guilt will spur me into running too! 🙂

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