I’ve had a lovely weekend I have.  It’s been one of sunshine, coffee in the café, beer, a bit more sunshine, gardening, a cheeky Smirnoff, sprinklers, a Boot Fair, Date Night, football in the park, Toffee Crumble, swimming, Chinese Food, double stuffed Oreos, grass cutting, hanging baskets, cinema, splashing, Sense & Sensibility, laughing, kissing and spooning.  Bliss. 

Best finds of the weekend?  A grubby, mud covered, four years old paddling pool found in the loft and a second hand Barcelona football kit bought for £3 at the Boot Fair.  My youngest was chuffed to pieces.

Last of the big spenders eh.

But it goes to show, fun can be had on the cheap.

AND I made fifty quid at the Boot Fair.  Win!

As I watched my two boys play in the garden on Sunday, my teen obviously with slightly less enthusiasm than my youngest (it’s just not cool to play with the sprinkler you know,) I just had one of those ‘rainbow’ moments.  You know, when, for a split second, the world goes quiet, all you can hear is your own breathing and for that moment, as you look at your family, everything is just …. perfect.

The silence is normally shattered with a “Mum, I can’t find …” or a “He started it!” – and that’s the gig.  That’s perfect too.  What I like to call, the ‘imperfect perfect.’  Where things don’t always run smoothly (because invariably they don’t,) … the kids argue, I set fire to the hob, I’m still not earning, I’m beating myself up because I didn’t run for a whole week and come first thing Monday morning, my Other Half has to leave to work away for the whole week … again.

My life is far from perfect … but it’s beautiful nonetheless, just because of it’s imperfections.

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6 replies on “The Imperfect Perfect”

  1. I want that Toffee Crumble! Glad to hear you had a imperfect perfect weekend. I did too. And a pretty imperfect perfect Monday (which is rare!). Hope you have a great week ahead!

    1. I admit to buying Toffee Crumbles in bulk 🙂 Imperfect is the new perfect … except when it’s not. Or something. Enjoy your week too, whatever the outcome 🙂

  2. Love the imperfect perfect. And did you watch Sense and Sensibility? With Emma Thompson? That’s my favorite movie.

    1. Much better than that rubbish perfect perfect eh. I did finish S&S … however … having forgotten I had the Emma Thompson version upstairs (I heart Emma Thompson) … I watched a BBC adaptation instead. Having said that, it was good …. needed a bit of culcha innit. Just realised that last bit may go completely over your head. Oh well ..

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