Ladies and Gentleman … may I present to you …. for your delight and delectation ….. your next instalment of ‘WitWitWoo Runs Some More!’

Still finding the training for Race for Life HARD!   I went running three times last week but stuck close to home this time, just running round the block.  It’s taking me about twenty minutes and I’m still not back to the fitness I was a couple of months ago, but I’m getting there.

I like to run early in the morning now – there’s something about that time of day when the sun isn’t yet at its hottest … oh, and there’s no-one about!  As you can see from the video, I got a whole lotta junk in my trunk and although I’m sure no-one is really interested in seeing me shake it all about, for now at least, I’m gonna run on the down-low.  (Until I’m all gorgeous and fit that is.)

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I’ll try not to be quite so sweaty next time … but I can’t promise.

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6 replies on “Race For Life: WitWitWoo Runs Some More!”

  1. 20 minutes is awesome! Keep at it Kate! Your neighbourhood looks pretty nice!

  2. I’m a morning runner, too! I love how fresh everything feels. And good for you, keeping at it! The hardest part is just getting out of the door.

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