So, the dreaded news came last week – I didn’t the job.  What job?  Kinda irrelevant really … another office/admin job that I was more than qualified to do.   Having worked in offices for nearly 20 years, some may say over qualified.

How do I feel?  Not surprised in the slightest.  A bit upset because it means another week of signing on and dealing with the Jeremy Kyle Show Roadshow at the Job Centre.  Pissed off that they didn’t see who I really was in the interview.  That somehow, it either didn’t come across or … they just didn’t think I’d ‘fit.’ 

In a word – frustrated.

When someone asked me after the interview how it went …. did I think I was in with a chance … I told them I could do the job but that these days, it’s more to do with whether your face ‘fits’ or not.

Mine obviously didn’t.

But what does this mean?   That I’m hard to get along with?  A trouble maker?  Complacent?  Lazy?  Stupid?

I don’t believe any of that is true (OK, I’m a tad biased,) but what’s the gig?  Just what is their problem?

In a nutshell – me.

Urgh.  (Picture me flinging my arms around a la Kevin & Perry.)

I just don’t think I’m cut out for traditional office work anymore.  It’s not what I’ve wanted to do for … ooh, about 15 years but I did it because, at the time, I just didn’t think I was capable of doing anything else.   Then I met my Other Half, and I found myself going to Uni (it’s amazing how having someone in your corner can lead to all sorts of weird and wonderful experiences,) and I gained a whole heap of confidence during those four years.  Now when I go to an interview, yeah I want the job because, quite frankly, I need to feel like I’m contributing, but it’s not where I want to be.

The fact is, not getting these jobs is telling me something.  I think, aged 40, that it’s time to be my own boss.  I need to stop applying for jobs I don’t want, and I need to concentrate on following the new path I’ve started on.

I’ve been writing (degree aside) for nine months now.  WitWitWoo has become my new baby and I adore her (it’s a ‘she’ of course,) … even with all her imperfections.  She’s a work in progress (a bit like me,) and, alongside my OH, has shown me that I’m more capable  than I ever imagined.

The plan is that my blog is just the beginning of … a new beginning.  If the corporate world doesn’t want me anymore (sniff, sniff) … that’s just fine.  I’ll just do it on my own.

Besides, I give all my staff two hours for lunch and a Krispy Kreme every Friday – who wouldn’t want me as a boss?!

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7 replies on “Thanks … (but no thanks)”

  1. i’m my own boss, but due to a complete failure to do any work today (other than respond to one email) i fear i may have to sack myself.
    can i have a job with you missis? i am a lazy, stupid, troublemaker, but i like donuts and have the most fabulous red hair… x

  2. This post really resonated. It is curious that there are thousands of women out there more than qualified to do the jobs they go for, but don’t get them. Could be you are seen as a threat or that they do just want the cookie-cutter mould. It is a frustration I come across a lot. Good post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I feel like I’m being ‘punished’ for wanting better for myself. It’s been a frustrating time this period post-degree … because I’m not someone they feel they can ‘keep down’ I’m not given a chance to work. Very annoying. But I’m trying to believe that everything happens for a reason – it gives me a little comfort 🙂

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