So, as I explained here, I’ve decided to take part in this year’s Race for Life and although my running history has been, shall we say, somewhat sporadic since October, Race for Life has given me some much needed renewed motivation.

On Easter Sunday, when I should have been eating Creme Eggs in bed I was doing this instead:

It was what I call a ‘dirty run.’  No, I didn’t nip into the bushes for a quickie with my OH (honest …) but it was hot, dirty, sweaty and bloody hard work.  It was different to my usual jog round the block – and difference is always a good thing in my book.

I’m hoping to put a vlog on each week until the day of the race and the plan is that this running malarkey is going to get easier the harder I train.  That’s the plan anyway.

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    1. You’re not a fat lazy cow. Granted, I haven’t actually met you … but I’m sure you’re not! 🙂 Running just comes easier to some people than others – I find it REALLY difficult. I’m not built for it!!! Bless your heart re. sponsorship. Any amount is appreciated xx

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