This week’s Gallery theme is ‘Tomorrow.’  As my six year old would say … “Oh mayann!!!”   Couldn’t it be ‘Trees’ again?  I loved that one!  *sigh*  Oh well, here’s my entry for ‘Tomorrow’ .. and she better do an easy one next week or else!

Tomorrow, I will mostly be going here ↑ 

That’s right, WitWitWoo is signing on again!   I’m back job hunting but this time, I haven’t left it four months to ask for a little help.  This time I really don’t envisage having to sign on for long.  After having a two month stint back in employment, I’m feeling much more positive that a job is within my grasp.

Tomorrow, I won’t cry when the interviewer asks me my name.  I’ll be all like, “I’m WitWitWoo and what?!”  OK, maybe I won’t say it exactly like that, but I’m done with crying over the whole situation.

Tomorrow, I’ll ignore the live Jeremy Kyle show taking place in front of the army of security guards.  I’ll walk in with my head held high and know that I’m just doing what needs to be done.

Tomorrow, I’ll call my Other Half and tell him how proud I am of him; how much I miss him when he works away; how, despite everything, he’s going to get some homecoming!

Life has been a bit of a shit lately … and things haven’t always gone to plan, but I’m more positive about ‘tomorrow’ than ever before.  Personally, I feel stronger than ever (although there are times when I feel like headbutting the dashboard,) but the one good thing about going through tough times?   You know you can cope.  It’s hard but you can cope.

Tomorrow is a new day – innit!

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6 replies on “The Gallery: ‘Tomorrow’”

  1. They look like a cheerful bunch, is that a policeman?
    Seriously, had to do exactly this after I finished my degree, such a comedown but it will be temporary. We will be writers 🙂
    “I’m WitWitWoo and what?!” LOL!

  2. I’ve only been to the Job Centre once and it was to get my national insurance number. It was super scary. When I walked in the security guard told me he’d watch my car for me :-S

    Good luck tomorrow and if you need help with a CV let me know 🙂

    1. Well, I’m back home now, in one piece. The people that work there are nice enough, it’s just the people signing on that are a bit grim. My six year old got a bit of a lecture on the way out when we walked past the louts drinking cans of Stella. “THAT is why you work hard at school!” etc. lol ! Thanks for the offer of help – I do have a CV that I always thought was OK, but I might send it to you just for you to have a look at to see if there are any glaring problems with it, if that’s ok x

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