The older I get, the more pleasure I get from the simple things in life.  Pottering in the garden, reading a magazine in the bath, a nice cup of tea.  It’s official – I’m a sad old git.

But one of  my favourite EVER treats is going to the hairdressers. 

Having my hair cut seems to have fallen down the list of things to do these days – getting a job seems to be taking priority over most things.  I last had my hair cut before Christmas and considering my hair tends to grow outwards, rather than downwards, I’ve been looking very Vivienne Westwood-esque lately.  Not cool.

So … I treated myself today.  Spent the morning doing ‘sticking and shit’ (technical term,) with my youngest all morning to assuage any guilt I might have felt for buggering off later on, dished out cupcakes and melon (to cancel out the cupcakes) and went to the hairdressers.

It’s only a few doors away from where I live, a small salon, but the guy who does my hair is a genius – a genius I say!  Anyone that can tame my unruly red hair deserves an MBE.  So, a big up to Matt at Viottos!

And this is the result:

I hope it’s not another six months before I get my hair cut again or I may have to resort to trimming the ends with the nail scissors again.

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