I really miss my Other Half when he works away.  I really do.  Honest guv.  Having said that, *ahem,* there is an up side.  I can watch as much crap TV as I like.  Yay!  No sport.  No Grand Designs.  No documentaries on how spanners are made.

Come Monday night when my youngest is in bed, the dishes are washed, the house clean(ish) and my writing done,  I’m like a kid in a sweetshop when I get my grubby little mits on that remote control.  Considering I was only privy to three TV channels as a child, imagine what I’m like with over 500. 

(Now, I feel I must preface the following admissions by informing you all that I draw the line at watching Jeremy Kyle and that I am, in fact, a member of Mensa.  OK, not strictly true, but I did get an ‘O’ level in Food & Nutrition in 1986.)

OK – here we go.  Yes, I may have a penchant for Jersey Shore but I balance it by watching Newsnight and my love of One Born Every Minute is cancelled out by watching Question Time.  If I watch The Only Way Is Essex I watch Discovery Channel, followed by a hot bath and a scrub with some Dettol.  You get the picture.

Tonight, mid-flick (get out of the gutter you lot …) I came across two programmes with the same name as me in the title – Katie.  One was, of course, about Katie Price.  She’s always on the TV (but is “entitled to her privacy, right?!”)  Urgh.  I want to flail my arms about like a hormonal teenager when I see her on the TV .. it’s even too trashy for me, and that’s saying something.

The other programme was about Katie Piper – a young woman who had sulphuric acid thrown in her face three years ago by someone who was paid by her jealous ex boyfriend.  Don’t worry, it’s this Katie I want to talk about.

There aren’t many programmes on the TV these days that I would consider inspirational.  Tonight’s programme made me put the remote down and just sit in awe.  I had got drawn in by Katie before I even realised I was watching a pretty uncomfortable (at first) programme about people living with disfigurements.

I had read about Katie in the newspapers before, and thought to myself how horrific the whole incident was, and of course, a whole lot of pity ensued.  Did I stop to think what had become of her after I’d thrown the newspaper away?  Of course not.  Hell, I’ve got my own problems to deal with right?

Wrong.  What I watched tonight was a real smack upside the head.  Her beautiful friends that she profiled in tonight’s programme included a 16 year old boy severely burnt when a BBQ exploded, a 24 year old Irish woman who got severely burnt aged 7 when the room she was staying in whilst on holiday caught fire and Katie herself.

Since her attack, Katie has set up the Katie Piper Foundation and has secured Simon Cowell as its patron.   Personal opinion on Cowell aside, there’s no denying the publicity that he can garner for the charity and he seemed genuinely touched by Katie’s courage.

If I had a daughter, who would I want her to look up to?  Piper or Price?  That’s an easy one, especially when you read quotes like this:

“I wish I’d never experienced such violence and evil because that’s quite frightening.  And I wish I didn’t have my medical problems. But I don’t think to myself, ‘this has ruined my life’.  Actually, living with burns and being different is a very fulfilling life. I’m at peace with who I am.”

Katie Piper has had to endure 60 procedures to rebuild her face which really gives some context to Price’s constant desire for inflated lips and pneumatic breasts.

Katie Piper and Her Beautiful Friends – an inspirational programme we should all be watching.

For more information about Katie Piper’s charity visit katiepiperfoundation.org.uk.

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Published by Kate Sutton

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