20 replies on “Silent Sunday”

  1. I felt so much better for a moment then; until I read that it’s actually at the Tate Modern. Now I feel a failure as a domestic goddess again!!

  2. I love this! I remember my friend telling me all about it and tried looking it up online but couldn’t find a picture that really showed it properly, this one is great!

    1. Thank you! I took a day off Mummy duty yesterday and went to the Tate Modern on my todd (will be putting a post up later this week – I have some more amazing pics!) If you can, I thoroughly recommend it!

  3. Wow, firstly I am loving the image, secondly I am just plain jealous that you got some time off from parenting to do something uber cool. Xxx

    1. ‘Allo stranger! Glad you like the pic – I had SO many to choose from! Had a fantastic day … I used to work near the Tate so visited some old haunts of mine too. You’ll have to sneak a day off with me next time 🙂 xxx

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