Praise the Lord! It finally happened! What’s that I hear you say? World peace? A cure for the common cold? Fitting into a size 12?  Well, no … but we did have some sunshine at the weekend! And when it comes to gardening, sunshine really does make all the difference.

Until Saturday, I had been doing what many in the northern hemisphere have been doing for months; looking at the garden through the kitchen window while washing up and feeling Gardener’s Guilt.  It’s that feeling of knowing that I really should be out there doing the first garden clean up of the year but choosing not to because it’s just too damned cold for raking mouldy leaves and de-slugging my favourite bush. 

Yet when the sun comes out – even if it is -2º – I’m more than happy to don my attractive gardening uniform (ancient slippers, holey tracksuit bottoms, old man’s coat) and rake leaves to my heart’s content.

Then there is cutting the grass.  You can bet that as soon as I crank up the lawnmower, so will my neighbours.  That’s because no-one wants to be the house with the ropey back garden.  But I’m fairly sure I’m winning the power tools race because – drum roll please – we have invested in a rechargeable lawnmower and strimmer! This means that for the first time in twenty years, I don’t have to dislocate my shoulder by pulling the cord to start the petrol mower – I just have to press a button and I’m away.

Neighbours, eat my grass clippings!

So the weekend sun spurred me on to finally take the old TV and rotten carpet remnants to the tip and the grass is now cut.  The front lawn appears to have a nasty case of alopecia, but that’s nothing that some more sun won’t remedy.

So what now? It’s still too cold to sit outside with a glass of Rosé and a copy of Cosmo – but at least it looks nicer as I stand there doing the washing up. And my gardening guilt is assuaged.  At least for a week or two…

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Published by Kate Sutton

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