There aren’t many things that annoy me.  There are loads.  Now, you know me, I’m not one to moan *cough* …. but ….. I’m at the age where patience is wearing a little thin and I do believe I may have got a tiny bit ranty from time to time on my blog (… it’s my blog – I’m allowed.)

And so today, in the name of being cathartic and stuff, I have listed my current Top 3 Got Beef?  It’s an ever changing list, dependent upon my mood, and so this is the list as it stands today: 

3.        There will always be a driving/road rage related peeve on any moaning related post of mine – cos that’s just the way it is. Put me in a car and I’m immediately pissed off.   If people were to drive properly, however, I wouldn’t have to complain now, would I?  Today’s complaint is about a complete and utter lack of indication.  Indicators were installed in cars for a reason people.  This lack of indication seems to be proportionate to the price of the car.  The posher the car, the less need the driver feels to indicate.  “I’ve got a 20 litre Jag, therefore I don’t really need to tell any of you scumbag peasant drivers where I’m going.  It is my road, I own it, me alone, and quite frankly, you should all be grateful I’m even allowing you to share it.”   Twat.

2.            Smiling’s brilliant, right?  In recession fuelled times, smiling is probably the only thing left that doesn’t cost anything (expect a Smiling Tax to be imposed in the next Budget.)  Until then, however, if I smile at you … and I’m a nice person, I smile a fair amount (contrary to what you might think after reading this post,) please have the common courtesy to smile back.  Likewise, compliments – if I give you a compliment, I’m only really doing it to get one back.  That’s how compliments work.  It’s the least I deserve really for saying your hideous trousers are nice.

1.        And so to today’s top spot.  I’m going to send a big shouty “Stop Doing It.  NOW!” to all those people who eat with their mouths open.  Yes, you over there!  This isn’t just a peeve for today, this has always bugged the hell out of me.  I see it everywhere.  In the office, in restaurants, coffee shops.  How difficult is it to close your mouth when you eat?  I’ve tried it, practiced it for 40 years granted, but I can manage it.  The worse thing about seeing someone eat with their mouth open, apart from the food shrapnel flying about?  The noise.  Ewwww.  That slurping, chomping, masticating (.. that’s, masticating) sound is just revolting.  Eating with your mouth open is, quite frankly, just downright lazy.

And there you have it.  Today’s Top 3 Got Beef?   I feel better for that.  Thanks!

You Got Beef?  Rant away!

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