I’m a little nervous about today’s post.  Considering the amount of personal stuff I bang on about, it’s a wonder really.  Fact is, what I’m posting today is the result of an essay I did for Uni back in 2009, and essay writing for me was something I was never initially that good at.  It was a skill I had to learn along the way – not always successfully. 

I was allowed to write the answer to this particular question about Shakespeare (a year writing about 16th Century playwrights – imagine that!) in the form of a short story, but it had to be sociologically, chronologically and factually correct (damn you Lecturer!) and so it’s perhaps not as pithy (ha! me, pithy?) or creative as it could have been had I had free reign.  Annoying that I had to remain loyal to what actually happened really!

Anyway, I ended up submitting the essay to a Canterbury radio station (CSR,) who turned it into a radio play … and this is the result!

The day the play was aired on the radio was a proud day for me and my family.  All four of us crowded round my laptop and when the DJ announced, “And here is a play by Kate Sutton,” the house erupted!  I hope it’s something the kids remember about their Mum.

A few caveats … the people who produced the play (as you will soon be able to tell) aren’t actors, but they gave it a bloody good go.  They mis-pronounced a few words which, in my opinion, only served to enhance the whole thing!  So bear all this in mind when you listen.

If you manage to get to the end of the 11 minutes … I humbly salute you.  I’ve tried to make it at least a little more entertaining  – in my own inimitable way.

Prepare yourselves for some Culcha – and don’t worry, I’ll be back talking about boobs, running and cake tomorrow.


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