Here we are again … Gallery time … and the ever inventive Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers has tried her hardest to outfox us with her theme this week of ‘Shapes.’

As you can see, this is a mini butter mountain.  WTF right?  It may strike some of you as an odd choice of picture but you see, butter and I have a very close relationship.  And not in a ‘Last Tango in Paris’ kinda way.  Honest. 

Moving swiftly on … one of my many isms is that I cannot abide margarine.  I mean, I really cannot stand it.  The smell of it is enough to make me physically sick and quite frankly, the sight of it as I walk past it in the Dairy aisle makes my skin crawl.

That’s not normal, right?  (“No, Kate, it isn’t.”)

I think my severe aversion stems from childhood – as most weird things do.  We only ever ate butter at home as Mum had come from a large family and all they ate was cheap margarine (if that.)  She vowed that when she had her own family, we would have the luxury of having butter … so my taste buds got a bit spoilt.  Plus I’m a fussy bugger.

Thankfully, my kids aren’t as fussy as their Mum – I employ the ‘get what you’re given’ method, which seems to work just fine!

These miniature square packets of M&S creamy indulgence are what I spread over my daily scone and give me that much needed burst of energy first thing in the morning.

Butter – I salute you!

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22 replies on “The Gallery: Shapes”

  1. Oh my god you must be my twin. Two things I can not and WILL not substitute are butter and mayo. Both must be full fat, full of calories and full of yummy flavour.. Mmmmm… And also, there are several types of butter that are a bit margeriny (lol) too. One of the yummiest butters is the Welsh butter in Sainsburys.. And one in Asda with purple foil wrapping.. Don’t remember what it was called. But I am JUST as big a butter addict. Xxx

    1. Totally agree my Butter Sister! Thanks for the butter tips … I’m a Lurpak girl normally, grew up only eating Anchor but I shopped for the first time in Asda last week so I’ll try that one out! x

  2. Gotta love butter, can’t stand Marg (hate it even more when cafeterias refer to it as ‘spread’), isn’t it something like one molecule difference between marg and plastic, certainly tastes like it anyway. Anyway, I’m with you, let’s scale the butter mountain and embrace coronary heart disease the way nature intended it, salty and melting on WHITE bread toast. mmmm!

  3. I LOVE butter. I tend to eat baked potatoes with more butter in than potato, and with crumpets i put butter on, wait for it to melt into the holes then apply more (this also works with melted cheese and crumpets!). Think i sound like a crazy butter enthusiast now but never mind!

    1. Yes, my chin would always go flourescent yellow with a buttercup under it! I love unsalted butter … but weirdly enough, I can’t eat it on scones – it has to be salted. Believe me, I’ve put in my homework! 🙂

  4. Mine aversion for marg came from having to use really cheap Stork for cooking as a child, the smell and texture!!
    Butter with salt flakes & crusty warm bread – heaven.

    1. I can barely say the word ‘marge’ without gagging! Lol … we do have Lurpak spreadable and it works a treat. Mmm … butter … might have to go get me some now! Thanks for dropping by!

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