It’s Gallery time again and this week’s theme is … (drum roll) …. Mother Nature.

One of the billion of odd things that has happened to me since I turned 40 (most far too embarrassing to tell you about here … for now) is that for the past year or so, I’ve been taking random pictures of naturey stuff.  I’ve taken pictures of my summer bushes in full bloom (now, now you lot – my Wysteria!), spiderwebs, sunsets and snow.   I don’t have a camera but the quality of the photos taken on my iPhone is pretty good and as I don’t go anywhere without my phone (I’ve been known to wake up and find it under my pillow) then it’s always handy to snap away whenever the mood takes me. 

This photo was taken on Sunday.  My Other Half and I are often at our local park but my favourite time is about 4pm just as the sun is setting but there is still enough light left to play.  As I walked into the park I was taken by how the moon wasn’t quite a full moon and spent the next ten minutes trying to work out if there was a name for a moon that’s not quite a full moon.  (I gave up and henceforth it will be known as the ‘Not Quite Full Moon.’)

The Horse Chestnut tree framed the Not Quite Full Moon beautifully so I whipped my phone out and managed to capture this beautiful shot.

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