I don’t get to go to many parties these days.  Boo hoo, whoa is me!   But when I was a little girl, I was always invited to my friends’ houses for birthday parties.  Back then, there were no indoor play areas to go to, no bowling parties, no trips to the cinema en-masse … it was a simple tea round a friend’s house – sandwiches, sausage rolls and home-made birthday cake.  Perfect. 

And then there were the dresses.  Oh my … the dresses.  Now I’m sure Mum must have bought me the occasional dress from a shop, although she did insist on knitting all my jumpers (God rest her soul!  I loved them really), but for birthday parties, she would make a special dress for me.

Fortunately, you can’t see my dress as I was hidden at the back (the benefits of always being the tallest – I’m the blonde one with ‘the fringe,’) but look at the other dresses and you’ll understand the style of party dress some thirty-something years ago.  Not a sequin of pair of leggings in sight!  Mum must have been as big a fan of Little House on the Prairie as I was!

Ah, Little House on the Prairie.  They don’t make ‘em like they used to.  You can keep your Glee, your Gilmore Girls, your Friends (didn’t mean it Ross …) but there was just something so innocent about LHOTP.  And as the clip below shows you, “You’ve got a face like a can of worms,” was about as nasty as the characters got.  How refreshing.


For the younger follower who may be thinking WTF, LHOTP was a series based on the memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote about her childhood in the Midwest region of the States during the late 19th century.  Not exactly rock ‘n’ roll, granted, but there weren’t really that many programmes to choose from back then (considering we only had three TV channels!)

It’s probably for the best I have sons instead of daughters (oooh, “Sons and Daughters, love and laughter, tears and sadness and happiness.”  God, so sorry about that – this retro TV thing is getting to me,) as I was saying, if I had had daughters I kinda worry that I’d just get all Laura Ingalls on their asses and make them wear floral dresses with aprons over the top.

Because after all, fashion is cyclical – it’ll be back in the shops before you know it.

Remember where you heard it first!

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2 replies on “Little House on the Prairie Chic”

  1. Hee hee, I’ve got a very special photo of my friends and I all sporting Little House on The Prairies chic too, I wish I’d used that one for the funky picture on this week’s Gallery.

    Loving this one though 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks! I was gutted I’d already used this pic – although I reckon there’s a whole other heap of pics with me in hideous dresses to choose from!
      I think it’s only a matter of time before LHOTP chic comes back into fashion! x

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