It’s Gallery time!!  Yay!  I was hoping Tara at Sticky Fingers was going to take it easy on us after the Christmas break.  She hasn’t. But that’s cool – I like a challenge!  This week’s theme is BODY PARTS.

Now, I have a gazillion pictures of my beautiful children that I could have posted but my teen has banned me from posting anything with him in it (but he’s so handsome!!), and I have so many photos of my six year old, I just couldn’t decide which one to pick (I’m like that when offered a box of chocolates too – I’ve been told it’s a tad irritating.)   I also have a lot of pictures that I perhaps couldn’t share with many people (see here).  So big props to all the beautiful ladies who have shared pictures of their butts, legs and hooters.  I salute you all! 

Instead, I’ve chosen this picture.  After all, I don’t want to put you all of your lunch.

If you look closely at the picture  … and if you can see beyond the bright, red hair (try sunglasses)… you may be able to notice I have a slightly odd left ear.  It looks like someone has come along and taken a bite out of it.  I can assure you they haven’t (I haven’t boxed with Tyson for ages), and I had always felt slightly self conscious about it.  It even has an odd bobble thing on the edge of it.  Eurgh.

My Other Half, however, has taught me to embrace the weirdness in things.  Yes, I have always loved quirky people – I adore that je ne sais quoi that makes us all different – but I’ve always found it hard to appreciate that in myself.  He showed me that it’s things like a misshapen ear that make me special (hopefully along with a few other things!)

My dodgy left ear is the least of my ‘issues,’ granted, but sharing it with you all is indicative of how I feel – a whole lot more confident these days.

Embrace the weirdness!

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3 replies on “The Gallery: Body Parts”

  1. Loving the extra confidence. I am sure it comes with age although I still am preoccupied with my size because I am not yet back to pre-pregnancy size. I have a funny toe, courtesy of an op I had when 11 and was always slightly self-conscious of it but a vague acquaintance once called me a freak when he saw it and it knocked me for a while, even though I knew he was an idiot and a chauvinist pig.

  2. You’re right – age and a supportive partner can do wonders for a woman’s confidence! I’ve always been a ‘big girl’ so in some ways I don’t have that ‘slim me’ to hanker after – must feel like a big weight on your shoulders (that’s not to say if a Genie waved his wand I wouldn’t immediately wish to be slim! )

    Someone once said to me as they passed me in the street, “You’d be gorgeous if you lost a few stone,” and that stayed with me for years – so I can relate to how you feel. Some people are idiots. Fact.

    You have to share a picture of your toe now – I’m intrigued!!!

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