So … it’s New Year.  Stating the obvious I know, but some of you may still be in a Advocat fugued state.  I’m only slightly more ‘with it’ because I was sick over Christmas and couldn’t partake in any alcohol related shenanigans.  Not that I’m bitter.  (*hooks IV drip up to the Crème de Menthe.*)

I’m not the sort of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions.  I realised quite early on in life that I had the willpower and attention span of a toddler and so there became no point in making resolutions I’d only break the following week.  If I lasted that long.  Therefore, big props go to anyone who can be arsed. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals.  Oh no!  For example, I’ve been vodka-free for seven days now (see above) … I just choose to set goals during the year when I’ve run out of bigger dress sizes or when I’m ill.  See … I can be really focused when I want.

What I like to do in the New Year though (overdosing on Quality Street aside,) is try new things out.  My degree was so time consuming, I’ve spent the last four years pouring any spare time and energy I had into studying – so now that chapter is closed I find myself in an enviable position – choice!  Very dangerous …

Here are the three new things I’m going to at least try this year:

1. Write a Book

I had to chuckle to myself when I read that one back.  Yeah Kate, write a book!  No problem!  You’ve got a spare 25 minutes free next Thursday – do it then. So, let me qualify this one slightly.  Part of my degree was Creative Writing and we were encouraged to try our hand at writing different genres (who knew I could write such dirty stories!)   Another project I worked on was writing the beginning to a children’s book and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  So, three years on, I’m revisiting it.  The main theme is there, the characters are basic, but created.  Oh, and I even have a bit of a plot going on.  It needs a whole lot of work.  A whole lot.  But I’m up for the challenge.

2. Go Dancing Again

I haven’t danced properly in years (I don’t think doing Salsa feet under the café table counts,) but I did take Salsa lessons eight years ago (tis how I met ‘Im Indoors,) and I’ve taken many a streetdance class (that reminds me, I still need to blog about my Pineapple experience!) so I’ve been on the lookout for something new to try.  Poledancing is out – don’t think I could lift my bodyweight 2″ off the ground if I’m honest – so, cue Zumba!  Not sure what it is really – and quite frankly, don’t care – it looks fun!  I’ve been to Notting Hill Carnival plenty of times and every year I try to look like I fit in, and end up doing some hyrbrid Samba/Bogle/Salsa move.  People usually think I’m having a fit and back away slowly.  All the same, the energy and enthusiasm is there – just need a little technique to go with it.

3. Get Fit

This isn’t a ‘New Year/New You’ kinda thing.  This has been a work in progress for a looooooong time.  For the last few months especially, I’ve made slow but steady progress – my main intention, to remain uninjured.  I don’t ask for much.  I’ve progressed from walking (I know – check me out!) to jogging and interval training.  I’m back to boxing, which I love, and I do believe there is slightly less wobble to my bingo wings these days.

I’m only mentioning three new challenges here – more chance of fulfilling at least one of them – but that’s not to say more won’t be added to the list. My cooking skills for example, are getting really impressive (the sugarless cheesecake debacle aside ..),  and there is this scary idea that keeps popping into my head about doing a Triathlon.  Yes, yes, I know … stop LOL’ing you lot – I’m being serious!  Oh and who knows what colour my hair will end up come Springtime!

So this time next year Rodney, I doubt I’m going to be a thin, best-selling author/Zumba Queen!  But I will be richer for at least trying new things.

Happy New Year!

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