So now then, I thought it prudent, especially in the run up to Christmas, to update you with my progress (read ‘lack of’) with regards to my keep fit/weight loss regime.  I say regime, more a dipping in and out of, now and again thing really.

I could make this a very short blog and say I haven’t lost any weight, end of, but, of course, things are never that straightforward.

I mean, OK, I haven’t exactly lost any weight lately, but sometimes that’s not always the point.  Right?  Right. 

Aaaaaaaaanyway, last night it snowed.  It snowed and I decided in my infinite wisdom that I would pick that time to go running.  To clarify – my definition of running may be slightly different to yours but in my opinion, anything faster than walking equates to running.

Oh, and I should point out, that I was a little high on boxing adrenaline after pummeling the shit out of the 4ft punchbag beforehand – always leaves me a little bit whoa, a little bit wey …

Back to the running … I’ve been power walking every night for the last month and it just seemed like a good idea to step it up last night.   Ha!  Step it up!  STEP it up!  See, cos ‘step’ … oh, never mind.  I’ve been walking for nearly an hour a night and quite frankly, I was getting really bored.  Also, I have to walk past twelve takeaway shops (yes, I counted) and when you walk its more tempting to ‘walk in.’  I figured, if I’m running, I’m less likely to be tempted by the wafts of Kung Pao Chicken and Lamb Dhansak.  That was the plan anyway.

To cut a very long story short, I’m back into boxing (although being called a ‘big girl’s blouse’ by my teenage son is not helpful,) and I’m now doing this intermittent jog/run thing.  The signs are positive.  The pain that I normally get shooting down the back of my right knee wasn’t there last night as my Other Half was teaching me how to actually run properly.  I know that sounds mad – everyone knows how to run surely?  (“They do – and don’t call me Shirley.”)  However, being a woman ‘blessed’ with mahoosive boobies, running has always been a pain.  Literally.  As a teenage girl, I just found the whole thing, like SO embarrassing that I had developed bad habits.  Running heels first, one side of my body compensating for the other, ensuing bad back, bad knee … etc, etc!  So to actually begin to understand how my body works and the biomechanics of it all was brilliant fun!  I say ‘fun’ … I know of much more fun ways of burning off calories … nudge, nudge.

Suffice to say, I’m in a catch-22.  I know that if I shed some weight, it’ll help my joints and I’ll find exercise easier.  But to shed the weight, I need to exercise.  So that’s the plan.  At least I’ve progressed from walking – it’s a start.

Yes, I know eating Quality Street doesn’t help ‘the cause,’ but orange creams contain fruit – so actually, that’s part of my 5-a-day right there!

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