If you’re anything like me, especially in the winter, going on Date Night with your Other Half is, quite frankly, a bit of an effort. It’s cold and dark and come Saturday night, I’ve already had a bath by 6pm in preparation for an evening of Strictly and Merlin.

Rock and Roll baby!

This week was different.  We were determined we were going out but there was no getting away from the fact that on a Saturday night I’d just rather be at home.  There, I said it!  It doesn’t make me sad – don’t care what you say!  🙂   but should that stop me going out to the cinema or for a good meal with my man?

Hell no!

We just went out on Sunday night instead. Living on the edge, see.

So, yesterday, we decided to try a fairly new restaurant by Dockside in Chatham – Zippers. It’s an Italian style restaurant but judging by the menu, they’ve tried to cover all eventualities by including pretty much most dishes.

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who seated us by the window but I asked if we could then move to a sofa near the kitchen. Now, it has been said that I am somewhat like Monica from Friends – a tad on the fussy/OCD side. I, of course, would heartily disagree and would like to hereby officially point out that there is always a method to my ‘madness.’ Not only was the sofa more comfortable and, should the mood take me, I could discretely hold hands with ‘Im Indoors … but I could also see everything that went on in the kitchen.

And I liked what I saw. All dishes were cooked to order and came out piping hot (another one of my ‘isms – I hate tepid food!), everything looked clean and the chefs definitely knew their stuff.

The kitchen was separated from the dining area by huge floor-to-ceiling slanted, contemporary glass panels and the restaurant was tastefully decorated throughout. The staff were attentive, but thankfully, not overly so.  The restaurant was quiet, so we certainly weren’t rushed.

I had intended to take photos of the food but I was so hungry I ate it all before I remembered. Sorry bout that.

We skipped the starters and went straight to the main course (more room for dessert of course.)  I had lasagne because, well, I always have lasagne, accompanied by rocket and parmesan salad and my partner had fusilli pesto pasta (try saying that after a few Peroni’s.) Oh, and chips.  Minor moan coming up – I could count the chips we had on one hand (if I had 24 fingers that is.)  The chips were good – more please!

The food was delicious. We’re not talking Le Gavroche here but, for what it was, which was a branch of an Italian restaurant franchise, it was excellent.

We ended up paying £39.90 for the two of us which included two large beers, two main courses plus sides and dessert for one. I swear I didn’t order the Tiramisu because I knew my partner didn’t like it … I’d forgotten, honest!  I had guessed the £40 mark so I wasn’t far off – a fair price for what we got.

Like with all restaurants, on a busy Saturday night this might have been a different review but if you go on a Sunday – the service is great and there’s no need to miss The X Factor!

All in all, a big thumbs up from me!


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