I love dancing I do.  In fact, I actually used to be a pretty competent dancer.  As you can see, I’m not big on giving myself compliments, but I have ‘musicality,’ as they say on Strictly.  That is, more often than not, and if I’m really paying attention, I’m in time with the music. On a good day.

If you’re anything like me, I am convinced, absolutely convinced, that I would be able to do every single dance that features on Strictly Come Dancing.  Whether it’s Argentine Tango, Quick Step or Jive (although my knees may not like me for it,) whilst watching from my comfy sofa, accompanied by obligatory Nachos and Gummy Bears, in my head … I am a dancing genius.

In reality … not so much.  But I’m a tryer, and God loves a tryer, right?!

Watching how much weight some of the contestants lose is totally inspiring.   Take Pamela Stephenson.  This woman is in her 60’s and has lost two stone since she began doing the show.  Puts me to shame really – I power walk whilst eating Double Deckers.

But you see I have a similar thorny issue to that of one of the contestants that often proves to be a hindrance.

My name is Kate, and I have a ‘Widde Boob Shelf.’

OK, so my rack might not be quite as ungainly or out of proportion as Ms Widdecombe’s monoboob, but you know what – big boobs + dancing = backache and a two second time lapse in most things I do.  Whether its sport or dancing or .. y’know, other ‘stuff,’ my bottom half knows what its meant to do but my upper half just doesn’t want to keep up.  Consequently, its generally another two seconds before the top half catches up with the bottom half.  Your whole centre of gravity is, well, way off centre.

Not a good look.

Eight years ago, I attended salsa dance lessons in London.  Another spur of the moment, “what the hell” adventure.  Every Thursday, after a hard day’s work, I was there, keen to learn, not always getting it right, and also not always liking the fact that you had to dance with every man in the class.  However, not only did I end up being able to learn at least two whole moves, that I just kept repeating – I also met my current partner and love of my life.

Dancing has always played a special part in my life.  It meant falling in love, getting the opportunity to street dance at Pineapple Dance Studios (a whole other post!) and it just meant so much bloody fun.

I hope that one day in the not too distant future, I get the opportunity to dance again.

I would rock that Viennese Waltz.

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2 replies on “Cha Cha Chaaaa …”

  1. In my mind, I’m an AWESOME dancer. And then I actually start moving. . .

    I want to hear about the Pineapple Dance Studios. It almost sounds like something you made up for a book. Seriously. Is everything you’ve been writing just total B.S.?:)

    1. If I was making stuff up, I promise you I would make it a WHOLE lot more exciting! I’m afraid everything I write, and I mean EVERYTHING … is true. Including dancing at Pineapple (pre TV series.) That post is coming … along with one about how I used to box. Seriously, I did. 🙂

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