What makes writing, ‘good’ writing?  It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times in my pursuit of trying to make a career out of it.  It’s hard to know where to start, when where you’re starting from is the bottom.

I had a meeting today with a parenting website and spent three hours, along with a small, select group of fellow parents, discussing what I felt worked and what didn’t on their site.  It gave me a good insight into what other parents/writers look for and whether I am on the right track or not.

The answer?

Erm …. well, it wasn’t really that clear cut.   I know, no use, am I?!

Writing is subjective, as my various tutors at Uni proved – someone will either like you or they won’t.  Bit like real life I suppose.  They’ll either ‘get’ your style, or they won’t.  And therein lies the beauty of writing.  No-one forces you to read it – it is your choice whether to click on a website or not.

I think this is what I love about blogging.  I know there are a few people that return to my site whenever I’ve posted something new, because they like how I write and the numbers are increasing, slowly but surely.  But I also know there are people that began to follow me on Twitter and ‘unfollowed’ me because, obviously my amazing wit and intelligence didn’t translate well in only 140 characters.  (I kid, I kid!)

So, back to the meeting.  I told the website people that I felt the website lacked personality, that the articles were interesting … but only to a point, and that having a connection with your reader is key, (hark at me, the professional!)  Thankfully, my fellow parents at the meeting agreed, I didn’t end up looking like a know-it-all (because I’m not), and hopefully it’s something the company will take on board.

The same thing applies to my blog.  I write as I speak.  I hope that by doing that I’m able to connect with people and that they don’t feel that WitWitWoo is a persona that is any different to the real me.  WitWitWoo is me.  Me, just with a silly name.

There are other bloggers out there I admire greatly.  That number increases every day.  They’re intelligent, interesting and, above all, make me laugh.  I want to be like them when I grow up.

In the meantime, I’ll just continue to do what I’m doing and see where I end up.  As long as I’m enjoying it, I’ll carry on and hopefully, a few of you will keep me company!

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