Hi, my name is Kate, and I’m addicted to Twitter. I admit it. No longer do I need to trawl the net for ground breaking news stories (as well as who’s dating who,) they now come to me and sometimes, just sometimes, that’s the way I like it. Whilst I’m drinking tea and trying my best to co-raise a young family, I have feeds set up on my account with an eclectic mix of sources, that will alert me to what is going on outside my four walls.   I hate to miss out on anything!  The BBC and Sky News; Kent Police and Marks & Spencer; Heat magazine and The Guardian – they all serve me well.

But my best source of information is other women. They have their finger on the pulse and whether they are from the US or the UK, it seems that once one person picks up on a story they feel is pertinent to other women, it spreads like proverbial wildfire.

Let me introduce you to one such story I learnt about today via Twitter that was posted on Marie Claire’s blog. Now Marie Claire is not a magazine I subscribe to, I’m more of a Company/Cosmo woman, but I did read it years ago and remember being impressed, and a little over-awed, by the quality of its intelligent writing and breadth of topics covered.

Which is probably why I stopped reading it. A little too high-brow for me at the time.

It seems, however, that Marie Claire really has gotten somewhat diluted in the years I’ve been absent, at least from what I saw online. The article I’m referring to is called (and I cringe as I type this):

“Should “Fatties” Get a Room? (Even on TV?)”

The article goes on to explain how the author of this article, one Ms Maura Kelly, is repulsed by seeing “fatties” on the TV and hates to see “fat people making out on TV.”  Personally, I think she’s only saying what a whole lot of other people are thinking, but her decision to ‘go public’ is one which is going to bite her on her size 10 ass.

Now, from what I have researched, Ms Kelly from “Brooklyn, baby!” has admitted she has struggled with her weight and appearance in the past. My Twitter sources have cited previous posts from Ms Kelly that chronicle her battle with anorexia, so good news that she then feels in a position to offer “us fatties” some weight loss suggestions, including, “Eat more fresh and unprocessed foods,” and, “Walk more.” Wow, that’s really, erm, helpful, thanks, and not patronising at all!

I bit my tongue when she asked, “Do you think I’m an insensitive jerk?” and resisted the urge to track her down in Brooklyn and tell her in person that yes, she damn well is.

So I’ll say it here instead.

As one fellow blogger pointed out, if you were to replace the word ‘fat’ in her article with ‘gay,’ ‘disabled,’ or ‘black,’ then would the article even get published in the first place? And yet it seems acceptable to pour scorn on people who are overweight.  We can just laugh it off, right?

OK, I know this is a subject close to my heart and perhaps I’m being a little sensitive, and after all, she was only talking about a TV programme (‘Mike & Molly,’) but still …. of all people to judge, come on.

It’s unfortunate that she would be “grossed out if she had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other,” but that’s what the ‘off’ switch is for.

But hang on, it’s ok, she has a few “plump friends!” So really, she’s not being size-ist at all. My bad. Somewhat reminiscent of racists saying they have “black friends,” no?

Should we be sympathetic towards Ms Kelly? After all, her knee jerk reaction to seeing fat people on the TV only serves to highlight that perhaps she really isn’t over her own issues.

Expect a huge backlash Ms Kelly, if it hasn’t begun already. No doubt she’ll be #hashtagged before she knows it. You too Marie Claire, for allowing this tripe to be published.

To be so offended and unaccepting just because someone’s appearance ‘grosses her out’ makes me feel a little sorry for her.   She’s missing out.  But not that sorry.

It seems ignorance is alive and kicking, and living in Brooklyn.

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Published by Kate Sutton

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