In the spirit of it being National Poetry Day today, I’ve persuaded UKC T S Eliot Prize Winning poet, Simon Everett, to pen a poem just for

It is a monologue from the perspective of a pen!

Thanks Simon!


You came and held me first, tightly in a fist
to guide me over and over, at times leaving
lines and long, long lines.

I was convinced that this was it:
eternal love, where hand to grip exposed
the tip of a wellspring. Both yours and mine.

There were cold nights – of course –
when we were all but divorced, where I sat
on the high shelf; kept myself to myself.

But the times you picked me up and ran
your fingers over me, furiously, tending to
get the big ideas out first: they were the

Most fun, albeit perverse. Now you seem
more interested in the blue-screen and
black keyboard, the click click clicks

that sound late at night. And in that poor light,
I click to myself – emptied. Used.
Spent of worth.

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Published by Kate Sutton

Writer, Mother, Dater.