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Simon Everett is 21 and from Chelmsford, Essex. Gaining a very well deserved First Class degree in American/English Literature with Creative Writing at University of Kent, Simon is about to embark upon an MA in Creative Writing.

He was the winner of the T S Eliot Poetry Competition at UKC.

He also happens to be a very good friend of mine!

The Peach-coloured Girl on Level Two

As if the sighs, like fabricated breezes, colluded
with the stable one-sound air; that the air itself
had concluded to hang away from the neck down.
As if the frame of light became adolescent, flicking at
the window’s edge, lipsticking on the desk ledge –
it was the all-noise which divided you, then in it your
self became an impossibility. Each of your parts split
into part-places: alloyed buckle. Synthetic shoelaces.

It came from a primal elegance, gently knowing
that you were construed from peaches and
high sunbeams and expensive face creams;
the idea of that cardigan; fitted blue jeans.

And from knowing this was how you spent your time.
Knowing that, in fact, you had not written one line.

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