I walked into my local Marks & Spencer store today and was greeted by the theme tune to the Rockford Files.  Quite how they’re unable to afford more up to date music I don’t know, but hey, it was a nostalgic three minutes.

For those of you lucky enough to be too young to remember this American show from the 70’s, James Garner played a Private Investigator that lived with his Dad in a caravan.  I might have made that second bit up, but it was definitely James Garner.

As invariably everything is these days, it was just another reminder of my impending birthday this year – the big 4-0.  Now, generally speaking, I’m doing my best to embrace this forthcoming decade.  At least outwardly.  On the inside, I’m bordering on petrified.

On the plus side, and granted, I’m a little biased, but I don’t think I look too bad for my age.  The body is a constant work in progress, but I do try to at least look after my skin.   However, a headline in today’s paper caught my eye – and it seems the nearer I get to my birthday, the more interested I am in any article that mentions the word ‘botox’.

The “Botox Bandit,” 29, has allegedly stole £3,000 worth of cosmetic treatments.  She went from one clinic to another, having different facials and fillers, all paid for with forged cheques.  Police finally caught up with her in Miami – they saw her hugely inflated lips first.

Botox fascinates me.  I’m caught between loving the idea of my face not being able to move and repulsed.  Watching Katie Price on TV this week (I didn’t Sky+ it, honestly), I was entranced by her emerging duck-like face.  If ever there was an advert against botox, she’s it.  But her forehead’s so smooth!!!!  I’m torn!

My partner is a true advocate of ‘natural beauty’, which is great because even though I don’t wear much make-up, he still thinks I’m beautiful.  His words, not mine!  Were I to come home with a trout pout, I’d have a lot of explaining to do.  If I could talk through all that lip.

Thankfully, I don’t think there’s any chance of me becoming the UK’s version of the ‘Botox Bandit.’  However, if someone were to buy it for me as a birthday present, it would be rude to refuse, right?

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