I’ve just got back from Croatia as you know and I took some time today to download all of the photos and videos I’ve taken. Wow. There are A LOT! And as I skimmed through them before I write a series of Croatia blog posts I realised that actually, the quality of my photography has improved a lot over the years. Modest much. But seriously, it’s like with anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Well, most things. Having a nice camera helps too of course, and since I upgraded to a Canon G7X, I’ve noticed that my blog posts tend to get more visits, and I think that’s one of the reasons. That, and my sparkling wit.


I’m trying to become more comfortable in front of the camera as well and doing lots of Facebook Live videos whilst I was away was such good practice, and loads of fun – although having a good camera means you really do see everything in minute detail. #wrinkles


One of the things I do struggle with though is sourcing the perfect photo for a blog post. As you know, I work from home, and I don’t always have the time or capacity to travel as much around the UK as I’d like, although I have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful parts of England over the past year. And that’s where a great website called Million Eyez comes in.




It’s a photography website that allows you to explore photographs from people all around the world, and the great thing is that it’s curated into all different subjects. Want a photo of a merry-go-round? Or, maybe, like me, you’re into Game of Thrones and want photos of GoT castles? There’s a Photobox for that. (Seriously.) Or maybe you’re looking for some close-up food shots to go with a recipe you’re writing about. I decided to create a Photobox called ‘Sunny Weekends in the UK’, (it was raining at the time), and also because I’m planning to go and visit my eldest son in Bournemouth soon before he graduates.


What’s wonderful is that other people can contribute to your Photobox (your folder of photos) and so these collections can grow quickly. It’s fascinating to see other peoples’ interpretations of the subject you’ve created. And if you have any photos of sunny weekends in the UK, please feel free to add them to my box (so to speak.) It’s very easy to navigate and upload photos – if I can do it, you definitely can!


So here’s my Photobox:



Each photo is credited with the details of each photographer, and it’s a lovely addition to blog posts – like a personalised slideshow, except you have all of these other influences from around the world too. So you may start to see me add Photoboxes to the bottom of some of my blog posts – I’m particularly keen to start cooking again, and I know Emily, from A Mummy Too, has created a gorgeous array of spice close-ups that you can find HERE.




If you are a blogger and keen photographer yourself, I wanted to let you know about a fantastic competition Million Eyez are running at the moment. By just embedding a Million Eyez Photobox on your own site and by completing this form, you’ll be entered into a draw to win an amazing Olympus Pen digital camera. A lot of bloggers I know have this camera and they absolutely love it, so it’s definitely worth entering.


There’s also an app you can download from the Google Play and App Store that lets you manage your Photoboxes, so you can create and curate on the go.


If you try Million Eyez out, I’d love to hear all about it.


kate sutton


This post is in collaboration with Million Eyez.


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