The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the whole home, so it pays to make sure that yours is designed to perfection. If your cooking space is starting to look a little tatty around the edges, you might be thinking of making a few changes here and there to give it new lease of life. If you want to update your space without going for an entirely new kitchen, keep reading. Here are three simple steps to help you upgrade your cooking area in an instant.


1. Replace your cupboards

Cupboards play an important role in any cooking space, so if yours are starting to let down the aesthetics of your kitchen, you might benefit from replacing them. Going for brand new units provides you with the opportunity to give the room a whole new feel. When it comes to choosing your cupboards, there are a whole host of materials you can go for. For example, you could opt for solid wood designs. From rich oak to light beech, there are a plethora of shades for you to pick from. For decor inspiration, you could visit your local kitchen showroom or browse specialist websites like Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets.


2. Install new worktops

Like your kitchen cupboards, your worktops are a prominent feature in your overall cooking space. So, if you’re keen to update the look of this room without undergoing an entire refurb, you could replace these surfaces. Installing new countertops is guaranteed to give the room a whole new feel – especially if you pick surfaces that are truly fitting of your chosen decor look. For example, if you’re going for a modern, contemporary vibe, slick, glossy style tops could be the perfect match, while warm-toned, solid oak designs might be more appropriate if you want to create a homely, farmhouse-inspired kitchen area.


3.  Refresh with new accessories

There’s no doubt your cooking space is full of various accessories that you use on a daily basis, most of which are probably positioned across your worktop surfaces. Since these bits and bobs are kept on display, it pays to make sure that they complement your overall kitchen vibe. So, if your knickknacks are starting to look tatty and worn out, you could give your cooking area an instant refresh by replacing them with new, updated models. From your toaster and kettle, to your fruit bowl and chopping boards, there are a whole host of appliances and accessories you could renew to give your kitchen an update.


By following these decor tips and tricks, you shouldn’t struggle to give your cooking space a much needed upgrade.




*   This is a collaborative post.

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