Do you feel like your loved ones are acting strangely? Do you worry that they’re hiding something or maybe even lying to you? Rather than force an awkward situation, you can determine the answer on your own. You just need to know how. Here are five tips for figuring out odd behaviour in others.


Notice The Obvious:


odd behaviour in others

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You won’t figure out anything untoward about someone’s behaviour until you define their normal mannerisms. Set a baseline for the way your loved one acts when everything’s okay. Ask them a few simple questions about their day. Then, pay attention to the body language, facial expressions, and the like. Now that you know the way they behave when they’re comfortable, you’ll have a better idea when they deviate from the norm.


Check for Discomfort:

When a person lies, they’ll inadvertently display several mannerisms. Lying is uncomfortable for most people, so they behave differently. Pay attention to anything the person does that’s unusual. If they shiver or cross their arms, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. They could simply feel uncomfortable due to room temperature. You’re looking for something more awkward.

People itch more when they lie. Someone repeatedly scratching their neck or throat is nervous. Similarly, rubbing is an action that indicates deceit. Is your friend rubbing their eyes or nose? That’s a strong indicator that your hunch is right. 


Look for Multiple Gestures:

Another huge clue is an exaggerated example of the situation above. On its own, the action of rubbing one’s eyes might not mean anything. The person could have allergies or something may have gotten in their eye. When a person rubs their eyes, scratches their throat, and crosses their arms, they’re uncomfortable. Each of their actions demonstrates that they want to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible. When someone can’t sit still, odds are good that they’re lying.


Watch the Hands:

You’ve probably heard that the way someone’s eyes move when they talk reveals their sincerity. Someone who looks left is allegedly telling the truth while someone who looks right is lying. That’s not necessarily true according to scientific research.

Instead, one of the surprising truths about lies is that the hands are the dead giveaway. According to Dr. Richard Wiseman, men move their hands less when they’re telling the truth. In addition, men and women fidget with their hands more when they’re lying. It’s the hands, not the eyes, that will catch your boyfriend in a lie.


Listen to the Voice:

A person who is telling the truth will sound more confident. As such, they’ll speak in firmer terms. Oftentimes, that means they’ll also talk louder. Conversely, a person who is lying will suffer vocal issues. Since they’re making things up on the fly, they’ll hesitate when they talk. They might also stumble over words. Vocal inconsistency is a strong sign that someone isn’t telling the truth.

No one ever wants to worry that their loved ones are acting dishonestly. Using the five tips above, you can uncover the truth without starting a fight.



* Guest post by Laura Ashbury

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