Are you considering traveling abroad? There is nothing quite like embarking on an adventure that will take you wherever the road leads. There are hundreds of countries out there waiting to be explored. Each of them has its own appeal, and it is all at your fingertips. While you’re out and about, though, there may come a time when you need legal help. According to experienced lawyers here in the USA, law in foreign countries is a little different to what you’re accustomed to. It may be best for you to read on and find out just what kinds of lawyers are present outside your country.


Court Lawyers and Legal Advisors

The legal terms for these two types of legal aides are barristers and solicitors. Barristers are the lawyers who are allowed to defend cases in courts. They can appear on your behalf and fight your case in a court of law. Solicitors, on the other hand, are rather like paralegals and legal advisors. They can give you some very useful legal advice and can prepare your defense or case so that a barrister can use the information in court. While they are allowed to appear on your behalf in a court of law, they tend not to do so.


Notary Public – the Draftsman

If you have used the services of a notary public here, you probably know what their basic function is. In some countries, this isn’t always the same. Certain countries allow their notaries to perform the duties of a lawyer, to a certain extent. They can’t do everything a lawyer is allowed to but can provide you with legal advice and do much more. You can usually talk to a notary public abroad if you want a legal document drawn up such as a last will and testament or even a property deed. Some countries allow their notaries to be appointed by their Department of Justice or Ministry of Justice. These specialized individuals can be just as secure and accessible as a lawyer.


Consulting Services Abroad

Legal consultants are specialized individuals who are lawyers with degrees in law. They are highly qualified in the law of the country they are in, but are not licensed to practice there. Instead, they work with law firms in their home country, such as the US, to give you advice on how to proceed with your case when you’re out of the country. Remember that while they can advise you on the workings of the law in your new country, they can’t represent you in court.

There are also standard attorneys, who are present in every country with a legal system in the world. These attorneys are the individuals you are used to dealing with in the US as well. They are licensed within that country and can give you as much advice and representation as you may need for your case. When selecting a lawyer abroad, remember to be extra vigilant about the individual you pick.



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