SORRY NOT SORRYI received an email late last night from a SEO company that wanted to work with me/the blog. They work for a relevant brand, did some adequate schmoozing by saying how much they liked my blog (I’m easily wooed) and finished the email by saying that they could send me something for review. When I looked at their website this morning, I noticed their clothes were really expensive and I would imagine that some people may be swayed by the high price tag, thinking that they’re getting quite a good deal.


When it came to replying, I ran through in my head what I was going to say. I wrote that if they want me to review their clothes, I would have to charge a fee, as I don’t accept clothes as payment anymore.  But the funny thing is, when it came to writing the email, I suddenly became very aware of the language I was using. I read the email back and it was full of, “I’m afraid I can’t” and, “I’m sorry that.” I found myself apologising for … well, I’m not really sure what. For charging a fee for my time? For being unable to pay my bills with a dress or a sparkly top? For just asking for what I deem to be fair?


I think I have probably spent a lot of my life apologising and it’s definitely rubbed off on the kids. This was recently highlighted when Dexter and I went to see Wicked last week. We were sat at the end of the aisle and every time someone wanted to get past us, we’d have to stand up and let them go. Which is fine, but both Dexter and I did that wonderfully British thing of apologising every time it happened – as did the other people. So every five minutes, we’d all stand up, shuffle past, and say sorry to each other! When we sat down for the final time, I smiled and said to Dexter, “What were you apologising for love?” He smiled back and said, “I’m not really sure Mum!”


I told him that it’s lovely he has such wonderful manners (most of the time,) but that he shouldn’t apologise unnecessarily and I think that’s why I re-wrote this particular email. I’m always polite, but I need to stop apologising all the bloody time!


So I stripped out the apologies and politely explained the way I work and that I looked forward to her response. So we shall see!


Do you find yourself apologising way too much?


kate sutton

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