typical morning



I’m not a great morning person #understatement …  so thought it would be an awesome idea if I made this week’s #VlogChallenge prompt ‘Your Typical Morning.’  Superb!


Anyway, I filmed my morning last Friday and here it is.  A few people have remarked that actually, it’s not that hectic, but if I’m honest I think maybe I just chose a particularly calm day to film.  I knew I was off for a facial so I was zenned out at the mere thought of it.  Good job I didn’t film what I looked like after!


(By the way, this morning was a nightmare – Dexter ended up playing on the PS3 until 8.25am … we’ll be talking about that this evening!)



Would love to hear what you think!  And of course, Nickie and I would love to have you on board with #VlogChallenge … we have lots of exciting things planned!




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