TGIC (that’s Thank God It’s Christmas btw …) and this year, I don’t have to cook dinner!  My brother has very kindly invited Dexter and I round for Christmas lunch.


Erm, just like last year.  I have promised that I will cook Christmas dinner at some point.  Before I’m 50.


I always ask what he’d like me to bring round – this year, it’s Christmas pudding and crackers!  (I seem to have 45,000 crackers that I bought in the sales last year.)  I also like to take a few bottles of wine.


However, I don’t actually drink wine … and don’t have the foggiest where to even start deciding what’s a ‘good’ wine, and what isn’t.


And that’s where Waitrose can help this year.  They have teamed up with the Silver Fox himself (not Clooney) … Philip Schofield, and wine connoisseur, Olly Smith, to develop a helpful food and wine matching guide to help take out the guess work of getting the right combination.  I’m hoping this chart will help!




There are also some really helpful videos on the Waitrose website to offer lots of inspiration and advice, so I’ll definitely be checking that out.


And if I’m still wandering up and down the wine aisle, maybe this video of Philip and Olly’s American Whiseky Trail will at least keep me occupied whilst I decide what to buy!



Merry Chardonnay and a Happy New Merlot !




*  This is a sponsored post by Waitrose.



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