Redundancy, Siri & Iced Buns


It’s week 2 of my gardening leave/redundancy and I think the news has finally sunk in.  I’m back in my favourite café, writing every day, tweeting about the amazing (weird/boring) things I see happen around me.  This was my favourite tweet from last week:



Yes, I think it’s definitely about time to get back to work.


As ‘fascinating’ as my updates about the café are, I actually miss work.  I miss the routine.  The people.  But I especially miss doing work I loved.  Building communities, forming relationships, raising a brand’s profile … being all round awesome.


I’ve had time to lick my wounds and process what’s happened.  The search is now on for a new challenge.


I’m open minded about what the next challenge will be – I’m a woman of many talents (apparently) and have a lot to offer, so I’m not going to rush into anything.  I want to see who I’d like to work with rather than just pimp myself out to anyone.  In the professional sense I mean.


I didn’t accomplish much last week.  Threatened to join a gym – didn’t.  Debated Hoovering the house – didn’t.  Meant to wash the bird crap off the bonnet of my car – didn’t. So I’m hoping this week will be more productive.


I did manage to have coffee with my friend Sarah and several conversations with Siri, so every cloud …

In the meantime, I daydream about finally writing The Book.


Aah … The Book.  It’s something that has been bubbling away in the dark recesses of my big ginger hair for years.  There’s a lot I don’t write about on this blog, and a lot I need to write about.


Maybe it’s time to think seriously about moving forward with this new project?






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  1. There’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of time to reflect on exactly what it is you want to do, but you DO have a lot to offer so I’m sure you’ll find something pretty soon. Good luck lovely xx

    • Thank you Jean – one must remain optimistic!! x


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