So, what DO you buy your son for his 18th  birthday?  I had no idea.  And it’s not like I didn’t have time to prepare – I knew it was coming around (for the last eighteen years,) but I just didn’t have a clue.  And it just had to be right.


I knew I wanted to get him something he’d remember.  Something unique.   Something special.  I know he loves music and DJ’ing, so wanted to get him something related to that but his Dad had bought him decks, so the obvious choice was out.


So … as I do, I got my research on and came across The Kent DJ Academy.  And as soon as I saw their website I knew I’d found the perfect present for my son.


DJ lessons!





I rang Jon, the owner, up.  In fact, I think I wanted to get my son’s present right so much I followed Jon on Twitter, Facebook and even emailed the poor bugger.  I convinced him I wasn’t a total mentalist and asked if we could meet to talk through what the lessons entailed and what the Academy was all about.


Jon told me that The Kent DJ Academy offers training and advice on every aspect of DJing and the DJ industry.  It is a collaborative DJ tutor team headed up by Jon, who has over 15 years DJ’ing experience working as resident DJ in clubs, bars and private and corporate events.





One of the unique things about the KDJA is that it’s actually based in a nightclub (MuMu in Maidstone,) so that you are taught on high quality, up to date equipment and in an environment that I knew my son would love.  The club isn’t open to the public when the lessons happen – but if you’re lucky, Jon might even buy you a G&T!


We decided three lessons would give my son,B, a really good foundation into exactly what he wanted to learn – the technicalities of CD vs. decks vs. The Other Stuff (which goes right over my head if I’m honest, but I knew B would know exactly what he wanted.)







When I handed the envelope over to B on his birthday, with the voucher for the lessons inside, I held my breath.  I so wanted him to be happy.  Praise the Lord – he loved it!  (I also bought him a set of speakers – I’m nice like that.)


It took a while to arrange the lesson because of school/work commitments but Jon was very accommodating and I took B down to the nightclub in Maidstone, Kent, last Sunday and left them to it.  Didn’t want to cramp his style!


He absolutely loved it.  Jon is a very patient teacher, softly spoken but wholly knowledgeable about his work and it’s also apparent that this is his passion and, at £30 per hour, it’s something that B can save up for and do again should he wish.





In the meantime, Jon is always available to chat via phone or email if B has any questions and it’s that type of personal service you rarely find these days.


So … to summarise … AM I THE COOLEST MUM EVER OR WHAT?!??


Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 20.58.32




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