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Feb 13, 2013 by


When I saw Tara’s theme for The Gallery today, ‘Girls,’ a few things popped into my head:


  1. I don’t have any daughters.
  2. I have two beautiful nieces who would probably be FAR too embarrassed to have their pictures plastered all over my blog.
  3. I have some epic photos of myself and my best friend that I could share … but I don’t think we’re sober in any of them.


Then it came to me.  And at the risk of perhaps the ‘wrong’ sort of visitor finding my blog, I thought I’d share this photo of ‘THE GIRLS.


Granted, not what you were expecting and, more to the point, what you really want to see at any time of day, but they’re MY girls and we’ve been together a long time now!  (30 years.)


Being of considerable size, I think they’re in pretty good shape.  I look after them – not like I have anyone else to is it?!  The one thing that irritates me about The Girls?  Finding clothes to fit them.  Man alive – I have a katrillion shirts that gape across le bosom, dresses that fit on top but are baggy on the bottom and the whole ‘clothes’ thing is a bit of a mare really.  (I’ll probably have a proper whinge about that in another post.)


The Girls are a little wayward at times, inconvenient, have a life of their own … but they’re healthy, and for that I’m grateful.




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  1. Love it! I have a bit of a problem with the buttons gaping across the boobs also.

  2. I am loving your take on the theme the girls!! :-)

  3. I heart motherhood

    This made me titter……

  4. SusanEardley

    Fantastic! Be proud of your girls & show them off! Also, have you seen pepperberry clothes by the bravissimo people. They’re made for us ladies with ample lady lumps :-)

  5. You know that anyone who meets you now is going to stare, right? Or pretend to brush by you, for, you know a little touch. Just warning you

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