Center Parcs Tots 100 Competition


Dexter and I love Center Parcs.  We’ve only been once mind you, five years ago, but it’s one of a few treasured memories that he still talks about.  So when we saw that Tots 100 were running another Center Parcs competition, we knew we’d have to take part.


And then Christmas happened and we forgot.


And then I saw a Tweet about it an hour before the closing deadline and we ran around screaming a bit before sitting down to talk Elf.


It may be a little rushed but Dexter put a lot of thought into what being a good elf meant.  He wanted to couple it with one of his favourite songs of the year – just be grateful if wasn’t done in a Gangnum style!


So here it is … Dexter’s little song about elves:



Happy New Year!

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    • Thank you my lovely and happy new year to you and yours too!! x

  1. Good work Dexter – especially with such a short deadline! xxx

    • Thank you!!! I’ll pass it on x

  2. He is such a handsome little chap!
    Happy New Year lovely x

    • Aww thank you! I’m biased though :) Happy New Year to you too xxx


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