*Sounds the proud mum klaxon*


I decided to go to university aged thirty six for several reasons.  To better myself, to challenge myself and because I loved the subject.  I was also a little lost after Mum died.


But the one thing that spurred me on more than anything was the thought that I was doing my best to be a positive role model for my children.  I was the first person to go to uni in our family and I wanted to show them it was possible.  Maybe if I’d have known family members that had gone to uni when I was eighteen, I may have gone a lot sooner than thirty six!


Imagine my delight, therefore, when my eldest son rang me last night to tell me one of the universities he’d applied to, (and my old university,) had written to him to offer him a place.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been prouder – and he hasn’t even gone yet!


I did the proud bragging mum thing and told everyone on Twitter and Facebook.  I text my friends and family and seriously, I know it might not be such a big deal for lots of families, but for my family, it’s bloody awesome.


So I don’t care if people thought I was a knob for shouting loud about it last night … I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY PROUD OF HIM!


Of course, I did what all Mums do and also said, “I told you so,“ because that’s my job, but hearing that he’s smart, capable, intelligent and wanted by someone other than your Mum is sometimes just the boost you need as a young adult.


I’d like to take all the credit, (and no doubt I will,) but he has really put the hard work in so he deserves everything that is going to come his way in the future, whether it’s at this uni or another, or even if he decides not to go, (which, of course, will be over my dead body.)


But either way, it’s been great to have some good news at last.


My kids rock.



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