It’s at this time of year that I think about boots.  Can’t say I’m a fan of the Ugg – in fact, I would go as far as to say I think they’re kinda hideous … but each to their own.


So, every Autumn I ponder what type of boots to buy.  And every year my criteria is quite simple:  cheapish, warmish and relatively stylish.


However, finding a pair of boots that are all three always proves rather difficult.


I’ve had a look through the boots at House of Fraser and have chosen my favourite three pairs and I now need your help to decide, (then pay for them.)


These are from Dune and a little over my budget (by £100.)



These are from Dune.  Not really practical, but cute and shiny for work.


These are from Bertie and are £149 – which is completely out of my price range, but they’re really nice!



Buying knee length boots when you’re a bigger girl is a nightmare.  I know some slim women that struggle with the whole ‘calf’ issue so imagine what it’s like for me!  Knee length boots that are stretchy soon lose their elasticity (know the feeling,) and end up round my ankles – not quite the sexy look I’m going for.


So every year I have a massive dilemma about what to buy and every year I end up trying to fold my calf fat inside a new pair of boots, then try and zip the damn things up.  It’s exhausting.  I come out of shoe shops a hot, sweaty mess and quite frankly, when you’re single, that’s not really that appealing to the opposite sex.  (Although … it probably would appeal to some men I’ve dated.)


Has anyone ever found ‘the perfect boot?’  If so, please share the secret – it’s driving me mad!  I can’t keep wearing my wellies on dates!


The search for the perfect boot continues …




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