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Nov 14, 2012 by


I have a lot of photos of me in the ‘80’s … not sure I’d share most of them mind you!  This is the only photo I happen to have on my phone so I thought I’d share it.


I think I’m 19 in this picture, so just scraping into the 80’s at 1989.  As you can see, I’m not a redhead at all but a blonde … although obviously, highlights were all the rage back then.


(Have you noticed I’m trying really hard to ignore the flowery top?)


I pretty much looked like Jon Bon Jovi from the age of 15 to 25 and need to apologise to my hair for the amount of bleach and perms I put on it.  I wasn’t alone though – we ALL had perms.  Even the men.   Especially the men.


This photo was taken on holiday (hence the garish top!) and I was probably with my parents and my first real boyfriend (as opposed to imaginary) who later became my husband when I was 20.  Shocking isn’t it!  The fact I was married at 20, not the flowery top.


My teen years were spent wearing a whole ton of make-up, tipping my head upside down and spraying a can of hairspray on it before I even contemplated going out and drinking a lot of Lambrini (amongst other things.)


I loved my childhood and my teenage years.  College aged 17 was THE best time ever.  I had a Saturday job working in a dry cleaners yet still managed to go clubbing four times a week (four!!!) on the £1.35 per hour I earned.


The 80’s were brilliant and it’s such a shame *cough* that I don’t have more photos I can share with you today!



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  1. Crying with laughter here, CRYING

  2. *HOWLING* :-D I didn’t have a perm, probably the only one who didn’t though…can you imagine what would’ve happened if I had?! I did try a Purdy cut though, didn’t work.

  3. BRILLIANT! A perm AND a straight fringe. True 80s through and through!

  4. Perms were so trendy back then and you look lovely, not like Bon Jovi at all. Although he’s quite dishy so that’s no bad thing :)

  5. Think you could be the same age as me – I’m 43 in a few weeks (December). You look fabulous – love the hair. In fact, mine is quite similar to that now – only brown!

    CJ x

  6. wow some cool hair. I had a perm in the 80s too but was still in primary school x

  7. I think you look ultra glam!! *cough, cough*

  8. Sassy then – sassy now.
    loving the hair!

  9. Jon Bon Jovi eh?! i’d have snogged your face off!!! haa!!

  10. Great entry, LOVE the pic! x

  11. I’m actually quite worried that I bought a flowery jumper just like that one from Top Shop last winter!

  12. you spookily look like one of those girls from the girl band that won x factor last year.. you look fab!

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