I’ve just got off the phone to my insurance company so you know what’s coming … yup, it’s rant o’clock (again.)


I rang them to ask for a copy of my insurance certificate to be sent to me as I don’t think they sent one when I renewed a few months ago.  Whilst I was on the phone, I was looking through last year’s copy and it had me listed as ‘Married/Common-law.’


Telling people about my ‘change in circumstances’ has not really been at the top of my list (weirdly enough,) but I thought, as I was on the phone to them, I wonder if it’s an issue and perhaps I should tell them?  So, being the honest *cough* person that I am, I did.


I mean, my ex didn’t drive, was never on my insurance, so it’s not like it’s actually going to be an issue, surely?  It in no way affects my insurance premium (or my driving ability) whatsoever.


“That’ll be £25 admin fee for changing your marital status Ms Sutton.”


What the actual?!!!


I have to pay my insurance company £25 for the fact that I’m now single?


That is MENTAL!


I asked the young girl I was talking to what this was for.  She replied again, it’s for admin.


Fuck me sideways.  So basically, in my job I can charge all my clients money for just actually doing my bloody job?!


Isn’t it their JOB to do things like this?   What are they actually paid to do??


Ooh, I’ve gone CAPITAL crazy, sorry, but THAT’S how angry I am!


She very ‘kindly’ offered to spread the payments across the year so I’m now paying (gets calculator) £2 extra a month for someone somewhere to note on their system that I’m now single.


Nice work if you can get it right??


Grrr … as you were ….




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