Kaleidoscope – Part One

Aug 31, 2010 by

The lampshades hang like delicious juicy, over-ripe cherries.  I’ve never noticed before.  It’s just a café in a department store,...

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Every Cloud …

Aug 30, 2010 by

A month after graduation and I am now a member of my University’s Alumni. No longer can I class myself as a student. I am now an...

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Fashion is Futile!

Aug 27, 2010 by

I’ve always loved fashion but I’ve always struggled to find fashionable clothes to fit.  I’m a UK size 18 (size 16 on a pre-PMT day)...

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15 Minutes

Aug 25, 2010 by

    I am what could be considered an ‘anti-model.’  I’m everything a model shouldn’t be.  Yes, I’m tall but I’d have to be...

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The Biggest Winner

Aug 24, 2010 by

I met the most amazing woman a few weeks ago.  She was in her 30’s, mousey hair, overweight but she had the biggest smile I’ve ever...

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Aug 23, 2010 by

1982 was a good year.  I got served in a pub, I dyed my hair burgandy and blonde and I made the school’s netball team.  It was also...

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Family Annihilators

Aug 20, 2010 by

Another day and another horrifying story of a parent killing his own child.   Reports suggest that Chris Hall feared losing his son...

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A New Ladder

Aug 19, 2010 by

I went for an interview in London last week.  Being back on the Kent to London commute, I felt like I’d never been away. It’s been...

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Aug 18, 2010 by

As the days count down to the big 4-0, I find myself thinking more and more about my childhood. I know I’m not about to be put into...

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An Inconvenient Truth

Aug 17, 2010 by

I watched Sky One’s version of X Factor last night, ‘Must Be The Music,’ with some modicum of scepticism. I’m not a fan of the X...

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‘Crocodiles Are Easy To ...

Aug 16, 2010 by

I always go to bed at 8 o’clock.  My mum says that if I brush my teeth and get my pyjamas on at half past seven, I can stay up and...

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Harry Brown vs. Gran Turino

Aug 15, 2010 by

It’s fair to say that if Michael Caine appears on the credits of a film, chances are it’s a safe bet it’s going to be pretty...

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