Slimming World – Week 25 Results

  I’m home from a weekend in London, the third consecutive weekend away, and although I feel quite tired and I ‘may’ be watching series 3 of Orange Is The New Black in my pyjamas, I still feel pretty good and energised overall.   Last weekend was spent...

Slimming World – Week 24 Results

  Apologies for the lateness of this week’s Slimming World update, but I’ve spent the weekend in Brighton and when I got back we popped round to see Dad for the evening to celebrate Father’s Day with him.   #AteAllTheChinese   Anyway, after...

An Impromptu Visit to Nottingham

  You may have randomly seen a photo of my moon face in front of a tram in Nottingham last week and wondered what on earth I was up to (or, more likely, you scrolled on by – I don’t blame), but either way I thought I would tell you what I got up to....

The Great Wardrobe Clearout of 2016

  This week saw the continuation of Operation Great Wardrobe Clearout 2016. That’s the thing about losing weight, each week, clothes fit a little less well and you have to decide whether to hold onto them or buy new stuff. A great problem to have, granted....

5 Things I’m Loving On TV

  There was a time, many years ago, when this blog post would’ve been called ‘5 Sexy Cocktail Bars I’ve Visited’, or, more likely, ‘5 Films I’ve Seen at the Cinema’, but if you’re anything like me, life revolves around the TV more than...

Slimming World – Week 23 Results

  23 weeks ago (ish) it was Boxing Day, and I spent the whole day lying prostrate (not prostate) on the sofa. It was nice to just watch films all day but it was at that exact point that something clicked in my brain. I was lonely if I’m honest – my brother was...

Slimming World – Week 22 Results

  Another week, another slimming world update. This is week 22.   I increased my exercise somewhat this week – I am still only doing Zumba once a week, but will be increasing that to 2 times a week as of next week. But I have been cycling more – when I...

5 Ways to Save Money This Summer

  Today I want to talk to you about saving money. Are you sitting comfortably?   As a single parent, money is always tight, especially as I work for myself. I’ve always had a day job that runs along side blogging because I have needed some semblance of...

Slimming World Baked Cheesecake

  I have a really sweet tooth, perhaps not as much as I used to have pre-SW, but I would do almost anything for a cheesecake. Including that.   I’ve seen a few cheesecake recipes floating around so thought I would make my own version, which is Slimming...

Slimming World Onion Bhajis

  We have my eldest son’s girlfriend staying with us for a few days and I thought I would do my infamous Slimming World Curry for her. And then I realised she doesn’t like curry. Undeterred, I ploughed on, convinced that if anything would change her mind,...

Slimming World – Week 21 Results

  This was the week when my youngest son turned 12, and before you all say, “Kate, you don’t look old enough to have a 12-year-old son!” I’ll stop you there and say I know, I’m just blessed with good genes. I’m also going to be up front and say that we may...

How to eat healthy with the #OneYou campaign

  I first remember going on a diet aged 12, the age Dexter will be on Saturday. It was the Cambridge Diet, where mum and I drank beef flavoured soup, whilst pinching our noses so that we didn’t taste it. I can’t have been very big, I certainly...
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