Slimming World – Week 41 Results

  I’ve just got home from a really lovely weekend in Bournemouth visiting my eldest son. So nice to spend time with him and his girlfriend, but on the flip side, I always feel a little … bereft when I come home. I don’t know if that’s the...

10 Reasons I Love Zumba

  I’ve wanged on about Zumba a lot in my weekly Slimming World updates and it’s because IT IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD. Granted, I don’t have a boyfriend, and other things in my life tend to become much more exciting than they normally would, BUT … Zumba...

Slimming World – Week 40 Results

  HAI. I think this is probably only the second time in 10 months that I haven’t posted my Slimming World update on a Sunday, but Dexter and I spent the day in London yesterday and by the time I got home, I could barely crawl into the bath, let alone find...

Why I Hired A Cleaner

  Today is Wednesday, my new favourite day of the week, and in approximately 90 minutes my new cleaner will arrive to clean my house.   It may seem very extravagant to some (most of you maybe), and, I guess it is in lots of ways. After all, now my eldest has...

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

  It’s October already and it is nearly time to wake the winter wardrobe up from hibernation and put an extra blanket on the bed. It’s also a good time for a bit of decluttering and cleaning because before you know it, it will be Christmas and New Year!...

Slimming World – Week 39 Results

  Firstly, apologies for not posting this yesterday. I alluded briefly on Facebook last night that there was an issue with Dexter’s school I had to deal with, which is now ongoing and in the hands of the authorities, and it understandably took precedence over...

An Imperfect Birthday

  It was my birthday yesterday.  It was a mundane sort of day. Work was more hectic than usual as I’m also now covering for someone who is away sick, and when only 5 people work for the entire business, you really feel that extra work. But I need the money and am...

5 Words To Describe Me

  After having a god awful week last week (read me moaning about it HERE), I thought I’d start the week off by being uber positive. I give it til Wednesday.   Anyway, I read a blog post last week by my good blogging friend Nickie, from I Am Typecast – the...

Slimming World – Week 38 Results

  * Big Brother voice*   It’s week 38 in the Slimming World house, and it’s not been a good week.  It began with sore boobs and has ended with sore boobs, but in between I’ve had to put up with buffoon after buffoon and, I hate to say it,...

My First Experience of Tinder

    It’s lunchtime on a Wednesday and I should be on a date. Except I’m not. I’m sat in Marks & Spencer café nursing a tepid black coffee and eating a pain aux raisin I smuggled in from home. I’m so annoyed, that a man has made me eat carbs.   To...

21 Weird + Wonderful Facts About Me

  A lovely blogging friend of mine, Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb (a great over-40s fashion blog, do take a look!) wrote a post in July called ’31 Weird Facts About Me’ and, as it’s Tuesday, and I have zero imagination because I’m currently flitting between...
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