5 Words To Describe Me

  After having a god awful week last week (read me moaning about it HERE), I thought I’d start the week off by being uber positive. I give it til Wednesday.   Anyway, I read a blog post last week by my good blogging friend Nickie, from I Am Typecast – the...

Slimming World – Week 38 Results

  * Big Brother voice*   It’s week 38 in the Slimming World house, and it’s not been a good week.  It began with sore boobs and has ended with sore boobs, but in between I’ve had to put up with buffoon after buffoon and, I hate to say it,...

My First Experience of Tinder

    It’s lunchtime on a Wednesday and I should be on a date. Except I’m not. I’m sat in Marks & Spencer café nursing a tepid black coffee and eating a pain aux raisin I smuggled in from home. I’m so annoyed, that a man has made me eat carbs.   To...

21 Weird + Wonderful Facts About Me

  A lovely blogging friend of mine, Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb (a great over-40s fashion blog, do take a look!) wrote a post in July called ’31 Weird Facts About Me’ and, as it’s Tuesday, and I have zero imagination because I’m currently flitting between...

Slimming World – Week 37 Results

    Hello everyone. I’m writing this whilst my roast chicken dinner finishes off in the oven. I’d like to say that no oil or butter was used, but I can’t. I bought one of those pre-packaged garlic and herb spatchcock (lol, spatchcock)...

Zeek – The Gift Card Marketplace

  September is officially known as the best month ever.   The weather is perfect. Not too sweaty, but warm enough where you can possibly eke out just one final summer BBQ. You can bask in everything that is Autumn fashion – no more worrying about chafing...

Slimming World – Week 36 Results

  Hello, I’m back from Italy. Again. I don’t quite know how I’ve managed to be so productive today when I’m so tired, but I found the energy from somewhere and have washed clothes like a 1950s housewife, spent £90 on grocery shopping...

Slimming World – Week 35 Results

  I don’t want to mention the ‘I’ word again, but I’m writing this from my hotel bedroom in Italy. (Oops.) I have spent the morning and early afternoon enjoying the course my boss is running out here, and that I am here to experience as a...

Slimming World – Week 34 Results

    Hello. I’m back from my holidays (at least for now) and am currently writing this on a train as Dexter and I are off to London Bridge to review a hotel. The gig was to check out their picnic option they offer, except, of course, it’s raining. Welcome...

A Cocktail-Making Evening with Wexas

  I’m now on holiday in Italy and have definitely taken my foot off the work pedal a little. So I thought I would just have a think back to the last couple of months about places I’ve been, brands I’ve met, and exciting things I’ve done,...
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