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When TV Ads Annoy The Bejesus Out of Me

    Do you ever watch TV and find yourself getting annoyed by TV ads? If so, you’re not alone. I find that the older I get, the more I get annoyed by inconsequential, unimportant things … like TV ads.   This blog post was prompted by one ad in...

Healthier Drinks for Kids – With Brita Water

  Dexter is a growing tween and boy, don’t I know it. He has always had a healthy appetite shall we say, but the one thing he loves more than anything at the moment (apart from burgers obvs) are smoothies and fruit juices.   Thankfully, he has never liked...


  As much as I love giveaways (especially if I win one!) I only run them on my blog if I am a big fan of the product and I think it’s a great prize for my readers.   Well, today is that day my friends!   You may or may not have heard of Wayfair....

Dreaming About My New Home

    I am really struggling at the moment to concentrate. My day-to-day thoughts, when I am not being forced to discuss FIFA or Minecraft with Dexter, are all about my new house. They are literally all consuming.   I dream about what colour my front door...

My New Home

    If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me mention that I’ve been house hunting recently. My landlady, as lovely as she is, has selfishly decided that she wants her house back. I KNOW! So Dexter and I have been looking for somewhere else to...

Dating | When A Man Doesn’t Want Children

    I thought it was time for a dating update. Things have been quiet. Very quiet. I am out of the habit of dating, nor have I had the inclination to bother. I check my messages on the free dating site perhaps once a day, in the hope that my preconceptions...

ENA SALON | Review

    I rarely go to the hairdressers to have my hair cut, I would say a maximum of 2 cuts per year. I’ve been with my hairdresser for over five years and you know what it’s like, once you have found someone that does your hair the way you like it,...


    I had a realisation this week that not only do I seem to be in the Bermuda Triangle of dating, but it also pertains to my wardrobe. Being 44 years old means that sometimes I am not quite sure what I ‘should’ be wearing or even what I want...

My Happy Places

    It’s 6pm on Saturday and I’m freshly bathed, in clean pyjamas, already in bed (albeit working on my laptop) and listening to James Blake’s ‘Wilhelm Scream’.  Living the dream people.   It also happens to be Valentine’s Day.   Now for many of...

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